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tugas masyarakat islam terhadap akhlaq
TUGAS MASYARAKAT ISLAM TERHADAP AKHLAQ Sesungguhnya tugas masyarakat Islam terhadap akhlaq adalah sebagaimana tugasnya terhadap aqidah, pemikiran dan ibadah. Tugas (peran) mereka terhadap akhlaq ada tiga hal, yakni Taujih (mengarahkan), Tatshit (memperkuat), dan Himaayah (memelihara). Taujih atau pengarahan itu bisa dilakukan dengan penyebaran pamflet, propaganda di berbagai mass media, pembekalan, dakwah dan irsyad (menunjuki jalan yang lurus). Adapun Tatshit (memperkuat) itu dilakukan dengan pendidikan yang sangat panjang waktunya, dan dengan tarbiyah yang mengakar dan mendalam dalam level rumah tangga, sekolah dan universitas. Sedangkan Himaayah itu bisa dilakukan dengan dua hal berikut: Dengan pengendalian opini umum secara aktif, dengan selalu beramar ma'ruf dan nahi munkar serta membenci kerusakan dan menolak penyimpangan. Dengan hukum atau undang-undang yang melarang kerusakan sebelum terjadinya dan pemberian sanksi setelah terjadinya. Hal itu... (more)

Nature Paintings:
A Wonderful Enhancement
to Your Living Area

Simply maintain in mind that excellent nature paints do not last truly long with the musician. You will certainly see that lots of individuals like you will certainly additionally be looking for the comparable nature paints that you are looking for. The fantastic aspect of many nature paints is that it is really stress-free. The large elegance of the sight of a falls as well as rich tropical rain forest is something that could not be as compared to a smog-filled air in the city or a sight of high-rises as well as vehicles dynamic around the freeways. You may desire to take an appearance at some of the jobs of musicians that paints nature via the web. You will certainly see that in order to market their paints, the majority of musicians will certainly make use of the web to market their paints that is offered for sale. If you wish to experience the view of nature each day, the very best point that you could do is by buying a paint that illustrates the marvel of nature. If you... (more)

Free to see myself
I have finally sorted it out / that there is nothing good about me/ Except Him. / I hear His song / In silence I break / unvindicated/ I see Him up there on the hill / With outstretched arms and blood-dripped hands Here comes the embrace. / Ground shook, and icy walls , fortified by scars, / shattered and collapsed / As I collapse in Him. / I lost myself in a puddle of tears and dirt. / He pulled me up and I look into His watery eyes / and found myself. / My reflection in his love-filled eyes. / The only reflection of me that I ever want to see / No mirror of the world can offer a better reflection / And Now, He looks into my eyes, / He will only see, Himself in me.

Word Association
/ Word Collage

I found a site called worditout.com that helps people create word collages. Most of the collages or "word clouds" are in English, but there are some Spanish users that also visit the site. What you do is generate a list of words and copy and paste it to the site's interface, and it creates amazing collages for you. You can choose Spanish words from lists that you have created or select words at random. Some people create the collages with resumes or company profiles. You can actually create a vision statement or a mission statement with your selection of words. You can use it to study for school by developing charts of learning. Another idea you can use to create the collages is the process of word association. You can start with a word and then list words that come up in your mind about each ensuing word. Brainstorm so that all your words will be in Spanish. For example, I started with the word "iglesia" and these are the words I came up with: "sacerdote,... (more)

Travel Tour India
is osteoarthri
tis treatable or can be completely cured?

Osteoarthritis or arthritis is a degenerative condition of major weight bearing joints, categorized under the group of mechanical abnormalities associated with joint degradation, tenderness, stiffness, etc. Symptoms of arthritis may be noted down as joint pain, unusual stiffness, functional locking, etc. Internally, the softer tissues supporting the joints like cartilages as well as ligaments are being degenerated due to overweight and some immunological attributes. When bone surfaces are exposed to each other due to loss of soft tissues; they are associated with more fiction, causing pain. Stem cells have been evidently identified to elicit strong signaling activity, govern secretion of immune regulatory cells and promote regeneration of lost cells for faster healing. There are number of abundant sources, such as bone marrow and adipose tissues; which are underutilized and are supporting the isolation of stem cells outside the body. In this regard, Global Institute of Stem... (more)

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